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chemical peels

A skin peel, also known as a chemical peel, is a science-based treatment that that

offers one of the most powerful, non-surgical skin improvements available.


It involves the application of highly specialized acid and enzyme solutions to remove damaged layers of cells from the skin’s outer surface – revealing more glowing, youthful skin. No matter the desired results, Renew Day Spa has the skin peel to meet your needs!


Minus 10 Medical Peel

1 hour • $395

The Rhonda Allison-10 System is a multi-acid skin peeling system designed for use in medical spas . This unique formula tones, firms, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and evens out pigmentation, improving overall skin texture for younger, healthier looking skin. Complimentary Rhonda Allison Aftercare Kit


Progressive Peel

1 hour • $150

Does not usually cause immediate exfoliation and only removes the outer layers of skin. This can be best described as a gentle yet refining peel. For best results, a series of three to six treatments would be performed one to two weeks apart. This peel is not painful, and requires no downtime; you should expect a mild flaking

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Mid-Depth Peel

1 hour • $225

This peel affects the dermal layer and exfoliation occurs within two to three days after application. The skin goes through very little down time. Peeling consists of light flaking similar to a sunburn peel. Mid-Depth peels can usually be done monthly for as long as necessary.

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Deep Peel

1 hour • $325

The skin undergoes considerable peeling, which occurs three to four days after application. The entire process takes about seven to ten days There is some down time, because generally on days three or four, the skin becomes brown and crusty and somewhat unsightly. The skin peels in large segments as opposed to flaking. These peels can be done six weeks apart, but it is not recommended to do more than three or four in a year. Deep peels are often used as a prep or medical peels by physicians.





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